Saturday, March 19, 2011

Serialized TV

The new V finished its abbreviated second season this week and I hope ABC renews it.  While it certainly has its weaknesses, I think the show is beginning to pick up.  There have been only 23 episodes, so it really has had only one season's worth of episodes.  Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the lead character, was excellent in Lost and is good in V as well. 
   I'm not sure why they brought back Jane Badler (Diana in the 1980s miniseries) to play a different version of the character (who seemed to be a "good" Diana as opposed to the original, who was one of the all-time great sci-fi villians).  Along the same lines, they have now brought back Marc Singer (the hero in the 80s miniseries) for a role.  Singer was never a very good actor and the new show needs to stand on its own.  I say this as someone who loved the original miniseries and has seen it more times than he cares to admit.

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